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Winchester 1894 Rifle, second year production, caliber 38-55

WINCHESTER 1894 RIFLE IN CALIBER 38-55; Original sights on the 26 inch octagon barrel. Full length mag tube. Rifle style buttplate. Overall metal has about 25-30% blue remaining turning a plum color. Traces of case colors on the hammer and lever. 75xxx serial range. Wood is sound and solid with just a few light mars and dings. Bore has sharp rifling and would benefit from a good cleaning. This very nice rifle has been very well maintained and preserved in fine condition. this is a better than average model 1894. Pretty decent looking gun! 






Winchester 1892 SRC in cal. 44/40   

WINCHESTER 1892 SRC IN CALIBER 44-40; The desirable Model 1892 saddle ring carbine in the elusive 44 WCF caliber. Original sights. Good bore. Stocks are fine condition with a carbine style buttplate. Barrel and magazine tube retain about 40-50% bright original blue, rest very nice patine. A nice clean and original carbine with correct saddle ring. Good looking carbine. These 1892 SRC's are hard to find in a 44 anymore.


Collection MS Antique Firearms. 




Winchester 1892 Rifle in cal. 32.20, first year production!

Caliber 32-20. 24 inch octagon barrel with a excellent bore and full length mag tube. Correct typical Winchester blade front sight and buckhorn sporting rear sight. 'Special wood walnut stock' is in excellent condition! Rifle style buttplate with good case colors turning dark. Overall gun is in terrific shape with 90%+ bright glossy blue and vivid case colors on the hammer and lever. 100% Original and very hard to find in this condition.


Collection MS Antique Firearms. 





Winchester 1873 SRC .44 WCF

This Winchester SRC has the 20” round barrel, full mag, color case hardened hammer and lever, 1873-marked carbine-style adjustable leaf sight graduated from 200 - 900 yards. Barleycorn front sight, bronze cartridge elevator properly marked “44 CAL.”, straight grain walnut stocks with carbine buttplate and trap door. Condition: Metal parts have full coverage of original thinning blue finish that is turning a pleasing plum patina with age. The left side of receiver has a very attractive look with a great saddle ring shadow. Vivid case colors remain on the hammer. Still retaining a high degree of original varnish finish, barrel address is clear, sights are in excellent condition.  Action is crisp, bore is bright with sharp rifling and would rate an 9 on a scale of 1-10. Includes a Winchester factory letter of authentication.


Collection MS Antique Firearms. 






'Late' production Henry rifle, Cal. 44 Henry RF.

Original 24" oct bbl, nickel silver blade front sight and folding ladder rear sight with elevator bar. Barrel has a good amount of dark brown patina. Very good bore for a Henry rifle. Receiver and buttplate are in very good condition. Small "W" inspection mark used by Oliver Winchester is locasted on the lower tang behind the lever latch. The famous "Henry Bump" is very slightle visible. Sling swivel on the stock and sling loop on barrel are standard features of the late production Henry rifles. Wood is in very good condition with just minor handling dings.
















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