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Rare Colt Model 1871-1872 Open Top Single Action Revolver

The Model 1871-1872 was the first non-conversion Colt cartridge revolver, and was a direct predecessor of the wildly successful Single Action Army. The top of the barrel is marked "-- ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW - YORK U.S. AMERICA --", the left side of the frame is marked with the two July 1871 and 1872 patent dates, the cylinder is roll engraved with the Texas naval scene and "COLTS PATENT No "898" and the complete serial number "1898" is marked on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, grip and back strap. The loading gate is numbered with assembly number "760", which also be seen on the Arbor pin and underside frame, all matching. 


This beautiful revolver has stil 15% plus original fabrik blue with the balance a brown patina. The frame and hammer has some casehardened finish with the balance mainly shadows of the attractive original case colored pattern. The cylinder scene is 98% visible. The grip is very good with a few minor repairs. The markings are very clear. The action is excellent. Collection MS Antique Firearms 






Colt Model 1860 Fluted Army Percussion Revolver, purchased by the US Navy, with a Colt Factory Letter, Fine 

The Colt Archive Letter

The Navy-Yard Brooklyn New York, June 1861

 Colt 1851 and 1861 Navies & Conversions, Robert M. Jordan,  Chapter Twelfe, page 138


This is an exceptionally nice example of the early Colt 1860 Army Revolver with 4-screw frame, 8" inch barrel, with the desirable full fluted cylinder. The Revolver is sold to the United States Government, Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy Yard, New York, May 9, 1861.
Condition is fine, 100% matching numbers including the cylinder, wedge, grip, and arbor pin. Barrel and cylinder has deep brown and darkening patina with traces of original Army blue finish visible in the rebated areas of the cylinder, cylinder flutes, and in the protected areas of the barrel and back strap. Grip is in Fine condition, retains about all of its orig oil finish. The trigger guard and back strap have never seen silver plating. Mechanical excellent. Collection MS Antique Firearms 







Rare Colt Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver with Matching shoulder Stock 

Image:  Morphy Autions / James D. Julia Inc., Spring 2007  

First Patent drawning, No 22626 Stock for Fire-arm, Patented Jan. 18, 1859, 51 Colt Navies, N.L. Swayze 


Described in the book 'Colt 1851 and 1861 Navies & Conversions, Robert M. Jorden, Don W. Geri


The Revolver has SN 79476. Its a early Navy with a small round triggerguard, 7-1/2” barrel with the standard pin front sight, 1-line Hartford address with dashes, 4-screw frame cut for shoulder stock with extended 4th screw. It has silver plated iron grip frame with small triggerguard and the rare feature of a swivel in front of the triggerguard. It has 1-pc walnut grip. Cylinder and left side of the barrel lug have British proofs.

Accompanied by a matching numbered ( serial 79476 & 79475 ) shoulder stock with a round Lanyard ring, brass furniture and uncheckered American walnut butt with a stud & swivel in bottom tang. This is a 3rd model Navy with the rare small triggerguard and has 3rd type shoulder stock attachment. Collection MS Antique Firearms






Colt 1862 Police Revolver with rare Iron Backstrap 'First Months Manufacture' 

This revolver a first-months-of-manufacture, three-digit serial numbered with extremely rare iron back-strap and trigger guard. Condition is fine, 100% matching numbers including the cylinder, wedge, grip, and arbor pin. It retains 70% plus original High Polish Blue on the barrel and cylinder as well as 90% case colors on its frame, lever and hammer. Grip retain 95% plus original varnish and show minor handling marks and remarkably, it retains most of its original silver plate on its rare iron straps. Action, edges and markings are excellent. This is a very difficult early variation of the '62 Police and one of the best condition early examples I've ever seen. Collection MS Antique Firearms