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'Special High Polish Blue' Colt Mold 44 Caliber Model 1860 Army  

This special and Rare Colt Mold is described in the book; 'A guide To The Proper Accoutrements For Hartford Produced Percussion Colt Revolvers' By Fred Sweeney. Collection MS Antique Firearms. 






Original and unopened Eley's Colt's Pt. percussion Cap Tin

Very fine and unopened, green label tin for Belt & Pocket Pistols. Collection MS Antique Firearms. 





Original Nipple wrench for a Colt Percussion Revolver 

Large size 'L' shaped combination screwdriver and nipple wrench 1.64", Perfect for a cased Dragoon Revolver in fine or excellent condition. Wrench has sharp edges, very little wear. Lots of original factory blue, fine condition. Collection MS Antique Firearms     





Col. Colt's Patent 'Hazard's 6 Combustible Envelope'

Sam. Colt's Cartridge Works, Colt Cartridge Works, Hartford, Connecticut. Paper powder envelope cartridge in split wooden block, 1860-onward. Cal.36, Revolving Belt ( Colt Navy M 1851 ) In unopened and excellent condition. Collection MS Antique Firearms.      





Very rare Iron Colt's Patent Cal. 31 Bullet Mold Manufactured Without Spru Cutter

This is a very scarce mold listed as for the Wells Fargo and possibly experimental. Front is marked Colts Patent and a small W. Cavities are excellent. Collection MS Antique Firearms.